... why does it stop when it does? When does it follow through with continuity and dream and rest when not needed, and not when it is needed? Is there someone/something/whatever pointing and laughing or hitting switches or just bein' a putz?


Life, a true four letter word.

(Even so', as the alternative is unknown and a one-way trip with very rare exception.... I'll keep it!)

Belief O Matic knows what my religion should be...

First, go here and take the test:

Got an answer? OK... See what you think about your suggestions.

Here's mine:

1. Unitarian Universalism (100%)
2. Theravada Buddhism (95%)
3. Hinduism (94%)
4. Mahayana Buddhism (91%)
5. Jainism (88%)
6. Liberal Quakers (86%)
7. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (82%)
8. Sikhism (78%)
9. Taoism (78%)
10. Neo-Pagan (78%)
11. New Thought (77%)
12. Orthodox Quaker (73%)
13. Secular Humanism (70%)
14. New Age (68%)
15. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (67%)
16. Scientology (67%)
17. Reform Judaism (65%)
18. Bah�'� Faith (62%)
19. Nontheist (60%)
20. Seventh Day Adventist (41%)
21. Orthodox Judaism (39%)
22. Islam (33%)
23. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (30%)
24. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (22%)
25. Eastern Orthodox (22%)
26. Roman Catholic (22%)
27. Jehovah's Witness (16%)

My personal take is that it's about as scientific as intelligent design. And yes, I use that deliberately - both are offensive unto me. *sigh*

*shrug* Oh well.
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A most useful concept, "Headspace"

A brief definition: The place your head's at.

A more useful or tedious definition: Those concepts, preconceptions, prejudices, and perceptions that you reactively reference in comprehending that which exists outside you.

Evidence of headspace collision:
Judge: "Is your appearance here in pursuance with the legal pleadings of Mrs Jenkins?"
Witness: "No, this is how I dress for the office."

Their reflexive definitions of the 'appearance' term differs.

This differential is found THROUGHOUT life. Computer geeks often run into this kind of headache when talking with non-computer geeks (like bosses, managers, and others). Managers run into this with engineers. Doctors run into this with secretaries, and lawyers with cab drivers.

Everyone has their own most-commonly applied definitions and concepts that are just fractions of the whole definitions heaped on common words and phrases.

This is what helps keep me amused.

-John the Afflushed


(Sorry, I feel a lil a-muse-ment coming on.... This should pass reasonably easily, but perhaps messily...)

The huge disturbance between believers on all sides of the belief debate... amuses me. Puns unavoidable.

The believers, I said. That is, the theists and the atheists. Oh, I'm sure some of both side will be offended to read that, oh well - that's what they are. They're making judgements based on faith - either faith IN an unprovable Being/Beings, or they've got faith that there is no such thing as a Being or Beings Whose absense can also not be proven. Two sides of the same coin, don'tcha know?

I'm lazy. I'm agnostic. I don't make a claim either for or against the existence of 'deity' of whatever scope you care to name.

Oh! Your pardon. There's one I believe in, as much as I believe in anything. (And we poor limited humans are believers, as we are unable to prove everything we think we know.) The 'nice' side of this one is known as Eris, who's as much a bitch as a beauty. (It's OK, You know You know it, m'Lady). The nasty side is best known as Murphy, demon of perversity. However, the demon allows for SOME joy - schadenfreude, the perfectly stereotype-able German emotion, the joy of seeing someone else in difficulty. Oh, so it's not nice. That's fine. Humans aren't nice. Just ask all the rest of us humans.

Sure, some are 'nicer' than others, but ... it's mostly a self-serving illusion, as we tend to motivate on positives better than on negatives in the long term. IMO - but then again, I'm a pessimist.

I wander here... The catch is belief is a funny thing. Enjoy it. It is one of the many things that makes us, each and every one, our own unique variant on 'Us'.

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OK, I'm inspired.

GretaChristina has a absolutely WONDERFUL, powerful, clear, angry, and passionate post over her blog:

She's been digg'd, and probably will end up on other lists, meaning LiveJournal may have some issues, but if you get a chance - read it. It's incredibly worth your time, regardless of your beliefs or lack thereof.

New fave - I'll be hopping over there periodically.

Greta Christina - Thanks. As I commented (somewhere in that swarm of traffic you got), we don't totally agree - but thanks alot!


Been a while...

*wry grin* again, a delay has happened. Life's like that, I fear.

(You DID recognize that 'life' is a four letter word, right? For shame, me...)

Yammer at you some future time...